a place to dump some of my articles and projects

Welcome to my personal website.

Some of the things I've made

Rail Climber

Rail Climber is a simple physics-based game in which your goal is to guide a ball to the top of each level. You can shoot the ball in any direction, boost the gravity for a short period of time and launch pressure waves from wave generators. When you attach the ball onto a rail, it will move automatically back and forth. The levels contain various obstacles such as walls, enemies and deadly gas areas.

#reddit irc channel visualization

Made a long time ago, the data is not current, though I have a bot that would regularly update it


The super useful tabbed browsing feature that nobody seems to care about

Ever since tabs in browsers became ubiquitous many years ago, they changed a lot of people's way of browsing the web. For many, it's not uncommon to end up with so many that they can no longer read their titles and only distinguish between them by looking at the favicon, or by vaguely remembering where that page they want to go back to was. And don't even get me started on multiple windows full of tabs. At least for me, this behavior is mostly motivated by the “if I don't keep it open, I'll forget about it and won't read it at all” feeling.

Naturally, there are many browser extensions and tweaks meant to improve the tabbed browsing experience to the user's liking. One enhancement in particular though seems so obvious, so helpful, that it boggles my mind that it doesn't come standard in every browser more...

How to make an area-based 2D smoke effect that doesn't suck

Almost a year ago, I made a post on r/gamedev, asking how to improve the pitiful state of the 2D smoke hazards in my game. A short summary of my previous post: I have a mobile game using OpenGL ES, with geometry-based levels (loaded from SVG files), I needed a “smoke area” hazard, where the area is defined as an arbitrary polygon, and I didn't quite know how to do it. more...