Lot of stuff coming around christmas!

EDIT: seems like it's going to be christmas 2016 actually…

Old stuff

Rail Climber

Rail Climber is a simple physics-based game in which your goal is to guide a ball to the top of each level. You can shoot the ball in any direction, boost the gravity for a short period of time and launch pressure waves from wave generators. When you attach the ball onto a rail, it will move automatically back and forth. The levels contain various obstacles such as walls, enemies and deadly gas areas.

#reddit irc channel visualization

Made a long time ago, the data is not current.

How to make an area-based 2D smoke effect that doesn't suck

Almost a year ago, I made a post on r/gamedev, asking how to improve the pitiful state of the 2D smoke hazards in my game. A short summary of my previous post: I have a mobile game using OpenGL ES, with geometry-based levels (loaded from SVG files), I needed a “smoke area” hazard, where the area is defined as an arbitrary polygon, and I didn't quite know how to do it. more...

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