Peter Holák


In an Ideal World: Features I Miss in Kotlin

(Scroll down a bit if you want to get directly to the features list. This is an updated version of the article — thanks for all the feedback to r/Kotlin) What would it take to implement React in Kotlin, for desktop UI? This is the question I’ve been trying to answer in the...

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Rail Climber

Version 1.1.4 out now in the Play Store. Rail Climber is a simple physics-based game in which your goal is to guide a ball to the top of each level. You can shoot the ball in any direction, boost the gravity for a short period of time and launch pressure waves from...

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How to make an area-based 2D smoke effect that doesn't suck

(I originally wrote this for The comments are all there.) Almost a year ago, I made a post on r/gamedev, asking how to improve the pitiful state of the 2D smoke hazards in my game. A short summary of my previous post: I have a...

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