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Rail Climber is a simple physics-based game in which your goal is to guide a ball to the top of each level. You can shoot the ball in any direction, boost the gravity for a short period of time and launch pressure waves from wave generators. When you attach the ball onto a rail, it will move automatically back and forth. The levels contain various obstacles such as walls, enemies and deadly gas areas.

Completing each level will unlock the next one. You can gain medals in each level by reaching the finish line fast enough.



Version 1.1
  • 5 new levels
  • night and snow theme
  • various graphical improvements
Version 1.0.3
  • improves performance
  • fixes a very rare crash
  • fixes parallax scrolling of the background
  • better explains the control scheme to users (to use more precise movements instead of flicking)
Version 1.0.1 (for bada) and 1.0.2 (for android):
  • improved control (player can now aim in mid-air)
  • early levels are slightly easier
  • fixed some sound-related bugs (sounds in menu, volume keys work, sounds are slightly louder)